Warning and evacuation response systems installation

The system of warning and evacuation of people in case of fire is a set of measures and technical means that are subject to a regulated code of practice. The system is urged to notify citizens at the facility in time about the threat of fire and organize their timely evacuation to a safe place.

The warning and evacuation management system, which is located at a particular facility, must meet fire safety requirements.

The main tasks that the system performs are:

  • automatic sound and light signaling in all rooms and areas of the facility;

  • automatic delivery of voice messages that are recorded in advance (provided that the automatic fire alarm system is triggered);

  • reproduction of voice messages from a special microphone console in the notification zones;

  • transfer of information about ways and methods of leaving the state of emergency;

  • functioning from a backup power source, which makes it possible to carry out evacuation in the event of a fire even when the power is cut off at the site.

Alert people about a fire is possible by sending sound, light alarm messages to those rooms where people can experience the effects of dangerous fire factors. In addition, if necessary, voice messages are broadcast, which allow you to respond with lightning speed to such information and leave the room. In voice messages there may be information on escape routes, actions that are aimed at ensuring the safety of people in the room.

Bosch Security Systems offers a wide range of equipment for voice warning systems, sound amplifiers, mixers, loudspeakers, microphones and other accessories that allow you to create fire warning systems and evacuation control for objects of any scale and purpose.

Sound management Bosch Security Systems are professional automatic fire warning systems for buildings and territories of any scale and various operating conditions.

The assortment line of sound and warning systems Bosch Security Systems has equipment to solve any problems:

  • The Praesideo digital fire warning system is suitable for office buildings, large shopping malls and hotels. Corresponds to the type 5 according to NPB 104-03.

  • Paviro is designed for fire warning, evacuation management in emergency situations, as well as for broadcasting background music at various facilities (hotels, fitness centers, shopping and entertainment complexes).

  • Plena Easy Line budget fire warning system, for 1-6 broadcast zones, is suitable for small and secondary schools, shops, restaurants, cafes and offices.

  • Plena Voice Alarm System, a fully functional analogue voice alarm system, for 6-60 zones, is suitable for small and medium-sized offices, hotels, supermarkets, sports facilities and universities.

  • Plena Matrix transmits background music and sound messages to medium-sized objects, serves up to 8 notification zones and allows for full-fledged sound control in each of them.