Structured cable network design, installation, testing, warranty service

Structured cabling system (SCS) is a multi-functional cable network that combines information services for various purposes (LAN, telephone networks, security systems, video surveillance, etc.) into a single system; It is the physical environment of the information infrastructure of an object or several objects (buildings, structures), it has a clear hierarchical structure with division into subsystems. The system consists of cable networks and passive switching equipment. In other words, SCS creates a single infrastructure from separate systems (subsystems) with different functions in the form of a hierarchical cable system for one or several buildings.

The main tasks of the Structured Cabling System are:

  • combine, organize and systematize (single cable marking) into a single system with common management of existing networks;

  • provide the ability to change the configuration, expand the scale and functions of the system with minimal cost;

  • create a universal medium for transmitting heterogeneous signals (audio, video, information, etc.);

  • provide connection, integration and stable operation of any equipment and standard applications of different manufacturers;

  • minimize network administration and maintenance costs;

  • increase the reliability, safety, functionality, efficiency and efficiency of low-cost systems;