BIS (Building Integration System)

The building integration system is essentially a series of software products composed of various basic modules (the so-called subsystems) that are based on a common software platform.
The ever-increasing complexity of the engineering systems for the life support of facilities requires the introduction of powerful joint control systems that best combine many diverse functions (for example, fire and security alarms, access control, video surveillance, building automation … etc .). Moreover, such integration systems should flexibly adapt to objects of any size and provide for the possibility of further development, without any damage to already installed equipment.
Having studied the problem from all sides on the basis of Bosch’s extensive experience in automation, the company’s engineers developed a new version of the innovative building integration system – BIS 2.0 (Building Integration System).
BIS Bosch is a flexible building management system that can be configured to meet the specific needs of any building. It contains a wide range of application options and functions that make it possible to perform not only integration and pairing, but also control and management of all the main engineering systems of the building.
BIS successfully takes advantage of new solutions from the world of information technology and aligns them with stringent requirements in the field of security systems. Due to the high level of intra-system integration, using BIS, you can offer a large number of specific integrated solutions for any object.