Audio-video conference systems installation

Conference system is a collection of audio equipment, consisting of the Central Block, several discussion devices and  providing a certain set of functionality for conferences, congresses, meetings, hearings, press conferences and other rooms in which discussions are held. Discussion panels are located on the tables of the meeting participants and, as a rule, are sequentially connected to each other by a cable in a chain. The central Block of the system is usually equipped with an interface for sound reinforcement systems and PA.

Tasks of Conference Halls

1. High quality sound assurance

For discussions in large rooms with a huge number of participants, one can do with both microphones and special congress systems. Microphones will allow all participants to hear well, and a special remote to control the process. If desired, the functions can be expanded, and you can use simultaneous translation, voting, identification of participants, etc.

2. Audio Video Conferencing

It allows in real time to conduct bilateral and multilateral negotiations with remote objects; is a very common area of information technology, because it saves time and money on flights, hotels, and so on. During such conferences there is an opportunity not only to exchange views, but also various materials. Many systems have been developed for organizing audio and video conferences. Some of them do not require installation by specialists.

3. Video Presentation Conducting

Presentation equipment allows you to familiarize participants with the material visually. During his presentation, the speaker has the opportunity to add illustrations to the speech. Most often, projectors and screens are used for these purposes, but our company has positive experience installing video walls.

Conference Systems

1. Digital conference system.

2. Wireless conference system.

3. Multimedia conference system.

4. Digital discussion system.

5. Conference Software.

Simultaneous Translation Systems

1. Simultaneous translation systems.

2. Digital systems of simultaneous translation and sound distribution.

Video Conferencing

1. Video conferencing equipment.

2. Audio solution for meeting rooms.

3.Video conferencing solution.