Since 2011, Security and Network systems have been installed and maintained in the first two buildings of “Ayb” school A and B. All security systems- video surveillance, fire alarm, access control, intrusion as well as warning and evacuation systems were chosen from BOSCH, since BOSCH occupies a leading position in the market for above mentioned systems in terms of quality and uninterrupted operation.

In 2016, the construction of the building C began, and here also the security and network systems were installed. During the design and installation phases, it was considered to provide a link between the current 3 buildings and the buildings to be built later to obtain a complete system. Replacing the sound alert and evacuation system with the newer, more powerful PAVIRO system plays an important role in resolving this problem, as the old school buildings A and B have the Plena sound alert and evacuation system, which is not an appropriate system for such a complex solution.