We are 12 years old

It’s not a secret, that Melinet company has successfully been working in the Armenian market for rather a long time. Being a small team we have generated great ideas, appreciating each of the employees and their work, we have valued the role they play in the team. And with these principles we move forward.

This year we celebrated company’s 12th anniversary. A number of different competitions, the election of “The best colleague ” and many other surprises were added to the traditional feasting.

The efforts made for the party were not in vain. The pleased faces and kind words of the employees proved it. We managed to organize such an event, that would please everyone.

Varduhi was elected as ” The best colleague”. The most devoted colleague was Tigran, and the one with a great sense of humor was Narek.

And we have decided to make the election of “The best colleague” the annual tradition, which will be, in its tern, stimulus for healthy competition spirit among all the employers.

Anyway, the 13th anniversary of Melinet is even going to be brighter and more colorful.